Macrobiotic International

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Makrobiotiklehrer Treffen 2016 in Lissabon 1.-3. November


Most important, we want this Conference to be very practical, addressing issues essential to all macrobiotic practitioners, old and new alike. You will receive a detailed program closer to the date but some of the topics to be addressed include: Exchange of current Counseling Recommendations, Sharing Success Stories, Networking, Learning to Communicate and Inspire.

Macrobiotic International

Das ist die Website einer Gruppe von:

Makrobiotik Lehrern,
Köchen und

die sich ein Mal pro Jahr zum Lernen und Gedankenaustausch treffen.

Die Meetings seit 2006 fanden meist in Lissabon, Valencia oder Zagreb statt.

Diese Art der Begegnung hat ihre Anfänge Ende der 70er Jahre. 1990 fand das Treffen in Berlin statt, ein Jahr nach dem Mauerfall mit 180 Teilnehmern, darunter über 40 aus ost-europäischen Staaten inkl. Russland.

Who we are

We are a group of macrobiotic teachers, cooks and counsellors who meet once a year to learn from each other and explore ways to improve what we offer. We are a group of friends, wonderfully diverse individuals with an instinct for co-operation, who often work together on various projects.  In 2013 we decided to jointly create a website that represents our work as a team. We believe we can all be more effective by working together, to add to each others achievements. Here you will discover a wide range of cooking classes, macrobiotic courses, personal advice, recipes, articles from around the world. Through this site we hope you will find the Macrobiotic teacher and cook nearest to you.